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Infused Honey

infused honey from

All of the benefits of our fresh, raw honey with a delicious twist!



 Traditionally, infusing honey involves heating the honey with a botanical source (lime peel, lavender buds, etc.), which extracts the natural oils from the source, and flavors the honey. Rather than heat our honey, we prefer to keep it raw, and preserve the natural enzymes that makes honey such a healthy food. Instead, we source the finest botanical oils we can find, and combine them with the finest honey our bees can produce, to provide our customers with the finest infused honeys they've ever tasted!

Lavender Infused Honey: Floral, herbal, delicious in tea, over vanilla ice cream, use to glaze poultry, especially roast duck
Ingredients: Honey, lavender.

Lime Infused Honey: Citrusy, floral, delicious in tea, use to glaze grilled salmon, use to rim your margarita glass!
Ingredients: Honey, lime.

Grapefruit Infused Honey: Citrusy, floral, delicious in tea or in your favorite grapefruit cocktail
Ingredients: Honey, grapefruit.

Cinnamon Infused Honey: Spicy, warm, delicious on toast and bagels, or in tea
Ingredients: Honey, cinnamon

Tangerine Infused Honey: Citrusy, floral, delicious in tea, in salad dressings, or to glaze salmon or poultry on the grill
Ingredients: Honey, tangerine.